About ACOS

ACOS engages in practical implementation of advanced optimization technologies for the construction industry and develops unique computer programs for optimization of construction structural components  - the SrtucOP system .Optimization with StrucOP  is cost-oriented, it is based on  an unique optimization algorithm - COD - developed by ACOS engineers. 


ACOS was established by a group of engineers experienced in structural design and prioject managment, in order to cope with the problem of optimizing construction projects. Construction projects are characterized by multiple options of implementation caused, mainly, by the high compexcity of constuction projects and the vast range of building methods &  materials ofered by the commercial market. This  situation caused professionals difficulty in making optimal choices (reaching the ‘right’ design decision) and was the main reason for founding ACOS.  


ACOSteam comprises engineers from the academic, mathematicians and computer experts. The team is headed by Eng. Haim Klein, a Technion graduate in structural engineering.

Eng. Haim Klein is the founder and owner of ACOS.
"Ordea Tower" Ramat-Gan, Israel
 Cost-Optimization of the  RC skeleton